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Our Platform

What is the Cloud?

The cloud offers all of the same features as traditional hosting servers except with the added advantage of having higher uptime, more performance, and very scalable. Our cloud hosting platform achieves this by utilizing multiple redundant nodes, storage SANs, as well as redundant networking equipment in place. If something fails, a hot spare is readily available to take it’s place, thus resulting in little to no downtime for the end-user.


One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is it’s ability to be able to provide exceedingly high uptimes. We are able to offer a 100% Uptime SLA due to our cloud infrastructure. We are able to provide these cloud hosting benefits in a traditional web hosting package. It comes with everything you would expect from any other web hosting service except with all the advantages backed by our cloud platform.

Fully Compatible

Our servers have the latest software and modules installed so you can run your websites and scripts without any issues.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backups

R1Soft Automated Backups. We help store off-site backup copies of all data on our hosting servers in case of any critical hardware failure.

Lightning Fast Servers

RAID-10 Pure SSD SAN Storage, CloudLinux OS 6.8, Turbo Boosted LiteSpeed, Varnish Cache, it’s as fast as it gets. 10TB SSD storage and 10Gb network connectivity per server, R8 series Dell servers provide 512GB RAM, 4x 8-Core Intel Xeon CPUs