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Feature-rich, Truly Unlimited Reseller Hosting by WeekHost

Feature-rich, Truly Unlimited Reseller Hosting by WeekHost

WeekHost Feature-rich Unlimited Reseller Hosting features include

Web Hosting Features
  •  Free SSL, IP Not Needed
  •  Dayly R1Soft CDP Backup
  •  Free CloudFlare CDN
  •  Real-time Malware Scanner
  •  CSF Firewall & ModSecurity
  •  Free 500GB DDoS protection
  •  PHP 4, 5 and 7 Support
  •  LiteSpeed Web Server
  •  CloudLinux OS
  •  Custom PHP Settings
  •  Ruby on Rails, IonCube, Zend
  •  File Manager, Web Disk, FTP
cPanel Control Panel
  •  Latest cPanel Control Panel
  •  AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log
  •  Instant Shopping Carts, CMS
  •  Password Protected Directories
  •  Web Based File Manager
  •  Hotlink Protection, Error Pages
  •  MariaDB with phpMyAdmin
  •  Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
  •  Curl, GD Library, ImageMagick
  •  SSH Access and Cron Job
  •  Custom PHP Settings
  •  MultiPHP INI Editor
Free Premium additions
  •  100GBPS+ UK DDoS Corero
  •  All our nodes have a 10gbit
  •  No Extra Charges or Fees
  •  SSD RAID-10 Disk Space
  •  Cloud Servers located in UK
  •  99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  •  Latest WHM/Cpanel – 34 lang
  •  WeekHost using Green Hosting
  •  Memcached Optimized
  •  Varnish HTTP Cache
  •  Expert Spam Filtering
  •  Lifetime Price Guarantee!

Feature-rich, Truly Unlimited Reseller

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Unlimited Reseller Hosting web hosting can be low cost way to earn high profits online. Unlimited Reseller Hosting programs will allow users to lease their servers, bandwidth, and connections while branding the goods as their own. Most large Unlimited Reseller Hosting  companies today resell their products from larger firms because it reduces the cost of equipment and other fees. Resellers act outside of the control of hosting companies, and are not considered to be employees.

Order Feature-rich Unlimited Reseller Hosting $13.75/mo

Many Unlimited Reseller Hosting are similar to affiliates, and are paid based on how many customers they sign up every month. The difference between affiliate programs and cheap reseller hosting services is that resellers continue to be paid each month for every client they sign up, whereas affiliate programs are generally paid a one time commission. The first thing you will want to do if you plan on becoming a reseller is to decide what products or services you want to sell.

If you are interested in web hosting, most aspects of this service can be resold. Products for web hosting include servers, connections, and e-commerce stores. Most hosting companies like to allow resellers to handle as much as possible so they can concentrate on running the business. Many of these hosting firms will also provide consultation to resellers. Cheap reseller hosting is a profitable business model for those who understand it. Once you’ve decided what products you want to sell, the next thing you want to do is choose the right Unlimited Reseller Hosting company. Various Advantages and Important Facts

Cheap Unlimited Reseller Hosting services are a good model for those who understand them. They allow you to run a hosting company without the costs which are involved with owning your own server and maintaining an e-commerce account. At the same time, you will be dependent on the hosting company to pay your commission, and it is important to make sure you choose a company with a good track record. If you are interested in running a full hosting company, it is important to realize that more costs will be involved. You will have to deal with running your own server, connections, and other issues. Unlimited Reseller Hosting services $13.75/mo!

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